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Public Education

Klamath County Fire District No. 1 believes that an educated public is a safe public.  We provide several programs to assist our patrons with making our community safer.  Smoke alarms are available for those who can't afford them, or may not be able to install them.  Personnel provide fire safety education to citizens through the schools, fairs, and special events. Home address signs are available at our Administrative Fire Station at no cost.  These Fire District No. 1 specific signs are essential for our personnel to locate your house in the event of an emergency.

We also encourage everyone to browse the information listed below to educate themselves on safety.

Car Seat Safety

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Cooking Safety

Electrical Safety

Escape Plans

Heating Safety

Holiday Safety

Preparing for Emergencies

Ready, Set, Go (Wildland Fire Guides)

Smoke Alarms

Miscellaneous Tips