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Fire District No. 1 dedicates approximately 80% of its general fund budget to the Suppression Division. Suppression is the single largest division in Fire District No. 1 and is responsible for the delivery of all emergency services. The Division Chief of Suppression supervises this division and is responsible to provide administrative support to include adequate staffing and maintain the facilities, apparatus, and equipment associated with providing emergency response.

The Suppression division is staffed with 54 personnel, divided into three shifts. The three shifts (A-Shift, B-Shift, and C-Shift) are responsible for providing 24/7 emergency response. Each of the three shifts is supervised by a Battalion Chief who coordinates the daily activities of the shift (training, maintenance, projects, etc.). The Battalion Chief also responds as the incident commander to emergencies requiring a response of more than three apparatus.

Our fire stations are strategically located throughout the community to provide for a timely response to emergencies. Crews respond to approximately 7,000 calls per year with a 6% average increase per year. (view statistics), which averages around 19 calls per day. Depending on the type of call, multiple apparatus and stations may be dispatched to the same call. For example, a residential structure fire response includes four engines and a Battalion Chief.

Typical calls for service include:

  • Fire – Structure, vehicle, wildland, outdoor burn complaint
  • Rescue – All types of industrial accidents, motor vehicle accidents, building collapse, water rescue, confined space rescue
  • Hazardous Materials – First response and specialized technician level response to chemical spills
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) Emergency Medical Response and Transport
  • Emergent ALS and BLS Inter-facility Transport/Transfer to other hospitals in Oregon
  • Other - weather related events, public service assistance, hazardous conditions, unauthorized burning


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Matt Hitchcock - Division Chief - Suppression

Klamath Falls became my new home when I was hired by Fire District 1 in December 2017.  My responsibilities include the administration of emergency response services delivered by the outstanding men and women of our department. I’ve been in the fire service for 23 years beginning my journey in 1995 as a firefighter in the US Air Force. Since then, I’ve been assigned roles such as Captain, Fire Chief, and many others in between at locations in North America, Europe, and Southwest Asia.

Serving the citizens of Klamath Falls in this capacity is one of the greatest honors of my life.

Battalion Chiefs are responsible for the proper operation of their assigned shift. Their duties include scheduling and /or organizing the activities of the shift, response to alarms as incident commander, supervision of the Company Officers assigned to their shift, assignment of their personnel to properly man the stations and apparatus, completion of their staff assignments and assuring the District safety standards are met during all shift operations.

BC Andy Hoskins

Andy Hoskins - A-Shift Battalion Chief

I started my fire service career at Shasta College in Redding CA where I received my Associates Degree in Fire Science; than I attended Butte College where I received my Paramedic Degree. I worked one year on a hand-crew for the forest service and two years on a forest service engine. I then transferred to a CDF (Cal-Fire engine). I worked for about five years at Shasta Lake City Fire Department. At the same time, I worked for a hospital based ambulance in Redding. I started at Fire District No. 1 in June of 2000. I was promoted to Captain in 2009 and then promoted to Battalion Chief in 2015. I hope to guide A-shift to some great experiences in the future.

My primary duties include A-Shift Battalion Chief, oversight of the TeleStaff program, Hydrant Inspection and Maintenance, Hose testing and records, participating on the Hazardous Materials Team. I participate on other committees as assigned.

BC Toni Brimmer

Toni Brimmer - B-Shift Battalion Chief

I was hired by Fire District No. 1 in 1998 as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  I had previously volunteered with Truckee Meadows RFPD in Reno and worked full-time for two years as a Paramedic with the Merle West Medical Center Ambulance.  Since coming to Fire District No. 1, I have also held the position of Captain prior to my current positon as Battalion Chief.  I have been a member of the Klamath/Lake HazMat team for 14 years, currently serving as the Training Coordinator.  I have been a National Registry Paramedic for 20 years and have served many times as a Paramedic Preceptor.

My job duties consist of overseeing the Uniform Committee, which includes duty uniforms as well as all Personal Protective Equipment uniforms.  I also schedule the annual ladder maintenance program, coordinate the annual Advanced Cardiac Life Support classes, and participate in the Incident Command System training.  I am a member of both the EMS Committee and the Safety Committee.

BC Erick Bishop

Erick Bishop - C-Shift Battalion Chief

I began my fire service career working for the US Forest Service in 1989. For 10 years I worked primarily in fire where I served as a fire crew member, Assistant Engine Supervisor, Helicopter Rappeller and Incident Medical Specialist. I also worked for Timber, Silviculture, Recreation and Wildlife. I have been an EMT since 1995, Paramedic since 2000 and have been with Klamath County Fire District No. 1 since April 2001 when I was hired as a Firefighter/Paramedic.  I promoted to Captain in January 2015 and Battalion Chief in February 2017.  In 2005, I started with Klamath Falls Police Department as a Reserve Officer serving the SWAT Team as a Tactical Emergency Medic.

My duties include maintenance of all district facilities, Hose Testing program, Safety Committee Chair, SCBA program and others. However, my primary responsibilities as Battalion Chief are to oversee the safe operations of C-Shift and provide professional service to our community.

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