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Rider/Observer Program

A positive learning experience in Klamath County’s fire service. 

Klamath County Fire District No. 1 recognizes the value of this kind of training for EMS students and the need for real life experience for people who have an interest in the fire service. This opportunity is not meant for thrill seekers, but is reserved for students needing ride time as a part of schooling, interagency training and people who are interested in the fire service as a career.


Non-Disclosure Agreement

As a rider/observer you may see things of a sensitive nature or considered private by those involved.  You are free to discuss anything you see with your crew in a private setting, but it must not be shared as a “war story” with people who were not present at the incident.  

To ensure that you understand your responsibilities regarding this privacy, prior to riding along with Fire District No. 1, you will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  If you have any questions about this, contact a Fire District No. 1 Chief Officer.

Healthcare Privacy

To further protect you, we will also offer you free training regarding how you should handle any protected medical information you may observe.  This training is required so please allow about 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  You can receive this training when you turn in your paperwork and schedule your ride time.

Arriving At the Station

When you arrive at your assigned station, the crew will already be aware you are coming.  However, they may be away on an emergency call when you arrive.  Therefore, if you are being dropped off, be sure that the station is occupied before your ride leaves. 

Meeting the Crew

When you meet the crew, you should show them the Rider/Observer Scheduling form and ID card issued to you when you scheduled the ride.  Without these items you may not be able to participate in the program.

When you arrive at the station, the Captain will ensure that you know where on the apparatus to sit when responding and what is expected of you on calls.  When you are traveling in District vehicles be sure to wear your safety belt at all times as the vehicle may make unexpected corners while traveling with lights and siren.

Code of Conduct

Come with the attitude that you are entering someone's home.  The crews live in the stations for 24-hours at a time.  You may find them relaxing, eating, or watching the television in the evening.  Feel free to join them, or you may chose to study or complete school work.   

Come with the attitude that you are entering a work place.  While you are there, the crew may be involved in training or other work activities.  They will instruct you on how much you can participate.  Feel free to get involved; this is your opportunity to find out firsthand about the fire service culture. 

Unless specifically asked to, don’t open any outside door on any vehicle except to get in or out.  If you are wondering what is in the various compartments, ask someone on the crew to show you.

Meal Time

If you are planning to be in the station during meal time bring food that is easily prepared and served.  If you need to use the refrigerator, let someone know and they will show you where to put your food.  Some riders may chose to bring money, as there are fast food opportunities near the stations. 
Some shifts observe a station meal served family style.  You may be asked to join in these group meals, but unless prior arrangements are made, come prepared with your own food.

Conduct On Calls

We ask that you act professionally, as your actions may directly impact the public’s view of our Fire District. 
During your ride time, you may observe incidents that can be difficult to face.  If you are not sure, or do not wish to experience a particular scene, notify any Fire District No. 1 personnel and they will direct you to a safe place to remove yourself from the situation. 

If you are riding as an observer, you will be allowed to watch all aspect of the scene.  You will not be allowed to participate in any procedure.  You may be asked to assist in carrying equipment, so let your Captain know if you have physical limitations. Even if you are not involved in patient care, while on a scene you will be asked to wear the proper level of EMS personal protective equipment. 

Paramedic and EMT Students

If you are an EMT student or Paramedic Intern, your level of involvement in patient care will be determined by what subjects you have covered in your classes when you do your ride time. 
When you arrive, spend some time visiting about this matter with the Paramedic in charge of the ambulance.  The more they know you and are comfortable with your skills, the more you may be allowed to do.

Remember you will be operating under the direct observation of our Paramedic, so always follow their lead when treating patients. Treat the crews with respect, and they will respect you in return. 

All certified EMT's who wish to ride will be considered observers only.  To practice skills while participating in this program we will need a letter from your Supervising Physician granting orders while riding with Fire District No. 1.

Dress Code

While riding with Fire District No. 1, you will be asked to look professional.  Please do not wear items that associate you with another Fire Department or Ambulance Service. 

Please wear black or navy blue pants with a belt, a white shirt with a collar, and dark shoes.  Please do not wear sandals, open-toed shoes, or clothing with advertisements. If a hat or sweatshirt is worn, please keep it plain, preferably black or navy blue with no emblems or writing on it. 

All EMT or Paramedic Interns who are treating patients must display a nametag on the front of their outermost clothing.

During an incident you may be asked to observe from a distance.  Your safety is our concern.  

Paperwork and Scheduling

Prior to riding you will be asked to complete the following: Health care information privacy training, EMS personal protective equipment familiarization, training regarding bloodborne pathogens, you will also be given information regarding your roles and responsibilities, and asked to sign a non-disclosure and a waiver form. 

You will receive the necessary paperwork and schedule your ride time when visiting Station 6, located at 143 N. Broad Street. If you are under 18 you will need to bring your parent or guardian.

Ride times can be scheduled to occur seven (7) days a week between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.  If you are a paramedic intern, arrangements can be made for 24 hour shifts. As much as possible, we will try to accommodate your special requests for shifts, stations and crews.