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Letter to our Fire District 1 FireMed Members:

Klamath County Fire District 1 FireMed is happy to announce that we are partnering with AirMedCare Network to administer our FireMed membership program. This will not affect the emergency response of Fire District 1 ambulances, and as always your current FireMed membership will be honored until renewed.

What this partnership means, is that the FireMed memberships previously administered locally will be managed by AirMedCare Network, our new partners. Fire District 1 is excited about this new partnership as it will create an opportunity for FireMed members to receive discounts on AirLink Critical Care Transport memberships.

Local FireMed members will still receive renewal notices in the mail, but there will be a different address on the envelope. If you have questions you can call the information helpline where representatives are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday during the hours of 6am - 3:30pm pacific time.

That number is toll free:
1 (800) 353-0497

Specific questions regarding AirLink CCT Air Ambulance Membership please contact local representative:

Jennifer Hart - call 541-294-4868 or email

Send your check and FireMed membership renewal to:

AirMedCare Network
PO Box 948
West Plains, MO 65775


Klamath County Fire District No. 1
143 N. Broad Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

District 1 will continue to remain a strong member of the Klamath Falls community, and FireMed memberships will continue to help sustain Fire District 1’s local ambulance service. On a personal note to those friends who have made their renewals in person, it has been our pleasure to get to know you over the years and we hope you still take the opportunity to stop in and say “Hi.”


FireMed LogoWhat is FireMed?

  • FireMed is a voluntary ambulance membership program that covers you and your entire household for emergency medical treatment and transport services for one low annual fee.
  • Ambulance services are provided by Klamath County Fire District No. 1.
  • Should a member require medically necessary ambulance transport, the department will bill the member’s insurance coverage and write off any remaining balance.
  • The member will not receive a bill for any balance.
  • This means no worries, no hassles, and no ambulance bills.
  • To enroll in the FireMed program please download the FireMed application and return it to Fire District No. 1 or AirMedCare Network

Klamath County Fire District No.1 has been providing dedicated high-quality emergency services to our community for over fifty years and since 1998 has provided the ambulance services. Since 2000, Klamath County Fire District No. 1 has participated in the FireMed program. This program assists patrons of the Fire District with the financial concerns of ambulance bills, while helping Klamath County Fire District No. 1 with our primary goal of providing emergency medical services and to save lives with quality pre-hospital care.

With the FireMed program, you can protect yourself from out-of-pocket expenses, which are in excess of your insurance coverage and that are incurred when medically necessary ambulance services are utilized. As a participant in the FireMed program, Klamath County Fire District No. 1 has a reciprocal agreement with over 75 other ambulance agencies in Oregon. In addition, Klamath County Fire District No. 1 has agreements with every Klamath County ground ambulance service provider that has a membership program.

Funds from this membership program allow Klamath County Fire District No. 1 to maintain state-of-the-art equipment, and provide educational training opportunities allowing our Paramedics to meet stringent medical continuing education requirements.

We urge you to consider the information, and to review your personal insurance coverage. 

Who should join FireMed?

Fixed income individuals—Be assured you won’t have to pay for an emergency ambulance transport.

Families—Because FireMed covers all permanent residents of your household, no matter how many emergency trips are incurred within a year.

Those with high health insurance deductibles or no insurance—Even with an 80% coverage, an ambulance transport can cost four times the cost of a FireMed membership.

Those with serious health conditions—Being ready for an emergency is part of managing chronic illnesses.  A FireMed membership gives you peace of mind.

Those who care about their community—Your $58 stays in the community to pay for Paramedic and EMT training, and valuable life saving equipment used by our Klamath Fire District No. 1 Paramedics and EMT’s.

Reciprocal map

State-Wide Reciprocal Coverage Area

As a participant in the FireMed Membership Program, Fire District No. 1 has a reciprocal agreement with over seventy-five ambulance agencies in Oregon.  Reciprocity means that these agencies will honor our membership, and provide necessary medical transportation to the closest medically appropriate facility under the terms of our agreement.  Here is a map showing the additional shaded coverage area.

Terms of FireMed Membership

The Membership Plan benefits are for permanent residents of the same single-occupancy, non-commercial residence within the Klamath County Fire District No. 1 response area.  All members must be listed on the application form.

Membership covers emergency pre-hospital medical treatment and medically necessary ground transportation within Fire District No. 1’s Ambulance Service Area.

Medically necessary non-emergency ground transport to the closest medically appropriate facility and medically necessary non-emergency ground transport between a primary care facility in Fire District No. 1’s Ambulance Service Area and another primary care facility may be covered with prior authorization by a physician.

Charges for denied, disallowed, or non-medically necessary transport as determined by member’s insurance or third party payer not covered by FireMed and are the responsibility of the member.

This non-transferable, non-refundable membership is secondary to all insurance carriers.  Fire District No. 1 will bill and accept payment from members’ primary and secondary insurance carriers and write off any remaining balance as payment in full.

Should members receive insurance payment or medical benefits for ambulance service rendered by Fire District No. 1, said member shall forward such payment to Fire District No. 1.

Reciprocal agencies will honor Fire District No. 1 membership for medically necessary ground transports to the closest medically appropriate facility, according to the terms of the reciprocity agreement.  A list of reciprocal agencies is on file at Fire District No. 1’s office, 143 North Broad Street, Klamath Falls, OR  97601.

Services are based on medical need, not membership status, and patients are transported to the closest medically appropriate facility.

To enroll in the FireMed program please download the FireMed application and return it to Fire District No. 1 or AirMedCare Network