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Board of Directors...

Klamath County Fire District No. 1 is governed by a five person, elected Board of Directors, all of which must live within the boundaries of Fire District No. 1.  The Board is responsible to represent the citizens of Fire District No. 1 and to govern and set the policies that determine how Fire District No. 1 functions.  The Board employs the Fire Chief, who is the CEO of the organization and is responsible to assist the Board in their duties and to implement the policies of the Board.

The Fire Chief reports directly to the Board, and has a diverse set of responsibilities.  He assists the Board in policy development, implementation, and adherence, and also is responsible to ensure that the services provided not only meet the community’s needs, but also follow legal, ethical and nationally recognized standards. 

Director Gloria Storey President
Gloria Storey

Board Position No. 3
Elected ~ July 1, 1995
End of Term ~ June 30, 2023



Vice President Mike JonesVice President
Mike Jones

Board Position No. 2
Appointed to Board ~ August 17, 2010
Elected ~ July 1, 2011
End of Term ~ June 30, 2023



Secretary-Treasurer Dennis ThomasSecretary-Treasurer
Dennis Thomas

Board Position No. 1
Elected ~ July 1, 2013
End of Term ~ June 30, 2021



Director Ernie Palmer

Ernie Palmer

Board Position No. 4
Appointed ~ September 19, 2017
End of Term ~ June 30, 2021



Director Gene Rogers Director
Gene Rogers

Board Position No. 5
Elected ~ July 1, 2015
End of Term ~ June 30, 2023