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FireMed Frequently Asked Questions

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What is FireMed and how does FireMed work?

The FireMed ambulance membership program plays important roles in the community. Should a member of FireMed require medically necessary ambulance treatment or transportation, Klamath County Fire District No. 1 will bill all of the member's insurance coverage(s) (if any) and accept that reimbursement as payment-in-full.  Members will not receive a bill for any amounts not covered by their insurance.  FireMed is not insurance.  It is in addition to any medical benefits a member may have.

In addition, FireMed membership dues support Klamath County Fire District No. 1 by updating and upgrading equipment, providing advanced training and hiring new personnel when needed. (Return to Top)

Why do I need FireMed?

Most health insurance policies cover only a percentage of ambulance charges - leaving you to pay the difference.  In these cases, FireMed fills the gap.  Even if you do not have insurance, FireMed will cover you for medically necessary ambulance treatment and transportation in most of Oregon.  Additionally, FireMed helps support the emergency medical services of our fire departments and districts.  (Return to Top)

What is the definition of “medically necessary”?

The basic definition of medically necessary is when ambulance service is provided to patients where the patient’s medical condition contraindicates another means of transportation.  Your insurance company can also provide their definition. (Return to Top)

Who is eligible to join FireMed?

Membership is open to residents in the Klamath County Fire District No. 1 Ambulance Service Area (ASA) response area. Even if you live outside these areas, there is probably a FireMed program where you live. (If you are in doubt as to whether you live in this area, please call.) (Return to Top)

What are the FireMed membership options?

FireMed Basic: Ground Ambulance Services - pays all of your out-of-pocket costs for medically necessary ambulance or paramedic services, regardless of your insurance status. When a member uses the ground ambulance service, FireMed bills all your medical insurances and accepts them as payment-in-full. If you have no insurance, FireMed covers the entire bill. (Return to Top)

How much does FireMed cost?

Remember, as a FireMed member, you and your entire household receive emergency ambulance service for one fee without having to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for the duration of your membership plan.
FireMed Basic: $58 for 12 months / $100 for 24 months (Return to Top)

Who is covered under my membership?

All permanent residents living at your address are covered under one membership fee.  You will want to contact us immediately if there are any changes to your household throughout your membership. (Return to Top)

Why does the ambulance service bill my insurance?

The total cost of operating ambulance services on behalf of members is far greater than the annual membership fee.  Billing the insurance of those who use the ambulance keeps your annual membership fee affordable for everyone.  (Return to Top)

I have insurance, do I need FireMed?

Most insurance companies only cover a portion of an ambulance transport bill.  When a FireMed member uses the ambulance service, we will bill any insurance coverage providing medical benefits that they may have. The member will not receive a bill for any un-related balances.  (Return to Top)

Do I need FireMed if I have Medicare?

If you only have Medicare, then there is generally a balance leftover for the patient after Medicare pays.  A FireMed membership would pickup this balance.  If you have Medicare and a supplemental insurance, often there is no balance remaining for the patient. (Return to Top)

Do I have to have insurance to join?

Membership is open to anyone in our service area, regardless of their insurance coverage. If you do not have any benefits covering ambulance care, then your membership covers the full amount of the medically necessary ambulance charges. (Return to Top)

If I join FireMed, can I cancel my medical insurance?

FireMed membership only covers ambulance care and transportation provided by Klamath County Fire District No. 1 and other participating ambulance providers. FireMed does NOT cover any other health care services or hospitalization. If you have insurance you should maintain your benefits to cover your doctor, hospital, pharmacy and other medical bills. Local paramedics will still provide you and your entire household with excellent ambulance service. But, if you do not participate in the voluntary membership program, you will be responsible for the full cost of your ambulance bill. (Return to Top)

What is reciprocal coverage?

FireMed has agreements with over 70 other agencies in Oregon that offer ambulance membership programs where we each agree to cover each other's members. Under this agreement, the agency that provides the ambulance services will agree to treat our member as if they were their own member. The agency providing services will extend the same benefits to our member that they would give to their own members. (Return to Top)
(See the reciprocal map)

Am I covered when I am traveling out of town?

In cooperation with other agencies, FireMed membership is honored in most of Oregon through a reciprocal agreement. (See the reciprocal map)

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Is there a specified enrollment period?

No, Klamath County Fire District No. 1 accepts new members at anytime throughout the year.  (Return to Top)

How do I join?

You can become a FireMed member by downloading the application, picking one up at any fire station in the District, or we will be glad to mail you an application by calling 541-241-4772.
Click here for application form. (Return to Top)

When does my membership become effective?

Your FireMed membership becomes effective 3 business days after being received.  (Return to Top)

What if I decide not to join?

We will still provide you and your household with excellent emergency service, but you will be responsible for your portion of your ambulance bill. (Return to Top)